The BeWell Scheduler for Care Services

An intuitive, purpose-built scheduler to connect and provide care for patients in your community.

Pharmacies need an efficient, effective way to manage the scheduling of both in-person and virtual services with their community. BeWell’s scheduling service enables you to create, promote, book, and manage services seamlessly, across your organization.

As part of the BeWell platform, the Virtual Assistant can also automate the scheduling process using patient-friendly communication tools, such as IVR and in-app messaging.


Strengthen patient engagement

Simplified access to care in your community.

Revenue through care

Promote revenue driving services and provide information about care.

Save time

Prepare your team for patients without disrupting routine tasks.

Expanded access

Self-service scheduling provides patients direct access to services 24/7

Create Services

  • Add eligible services by location and define schedule time availability.
  • Set optional dependencies based on stock, staff, and room availability.
  • Select services from a predefined list for ease of use or customize based on organization specific needs.
  • Share services organization wide or limit to specific location(s).

Promote Services

  • Send targeted notifications to promote your services via CareConnect.
  • Create campaigns that can be shared across multiple locations and patients or tailored to a specific set of patient qualifiers.

Manage bookings

  • Appointments can be booked and managed by the patient via the mobile app and through the Virtual Assistant via phone (IVR) or in app messaging.
  • The bookings calendar provides pharmacy team members with full visibility into patient health data (medications, vaccination records, allergies) and historical interaction with your pharmacy (communications, appointment history).
  • Team members can also easily book and manage appointments on the patients behalf.
  • Appointments can be delivered in-person or virtually through the BeWell platform.