Meet Alex!

A busy working parent who is in charge of managing the health & medications of their kids, partner,and parent.

Alex’s favorite community pharmacy is a BeWell partner.

This means Alex can use the pharmacy-branded application to stay engaged and manage their family’s care all from within the palm of their hand. So what does that look like-let’s use an example.

While on their way to work Alex receives a notification that it’s time to refill a prescription. When Alex hits the refill button in the application, they are also prompted that other members of their family have medications due to be filled soon. Alex can request all of these medications in one order in seconds and schedule them for pickup at the community location closest to their work.

Alex receives a real-time notification about the status of their order. There is something that Alex has a question about, Alex is quickly able to get instant responses to her inquiries using the Virtual Assistant. Alex has an additional question the Virtual Assistant was not able to answer, no problem, they are instantly connected to the pharmacist all from within the app. In a few minutes over their lunch break, Alex can get everything they need for her entire family’s order, making pickup after work from a pharmacy locker a breeze!

After a busy day at work, Alex returns home and has dinner with their family, medications in hand. It’s flu season and Alex’s parent brings up that they should go get their annual flu shot soon. With the BeWell-supported platform, Alex can quickly pull up the app, select a service and book the community pharmacy close to their parent’s home. Alex instantly receives everything they need to know about the appointment including any documents they need to fill out via CareConnect’s in-app communication feature.

Even with their busy schedule, Alex was able to feel ever more connected to their pharmacist and ensure that their family’s health was taken care of. BeWell puts the control back into the patient’s hands and strengthens the connection between patients and pharmacies, just like we did for Alex.